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Welcome to the Kingdom of Falora!

Falora is a relatively young nation built on the ashes of an ancient empire. An industrious and prosperous human kingdom, ruled by a monarch with a representative council. The capital of Falora and seat of the monarch is the large harbour city Iona.

There are three other major cities within Falora, as well as several smaller cities and many more towns and villages.

The majority of people live in West Falora, with most of the nation’s cities and trade routes located on the Western and Southern coasts and plains. The East Falora is wild and desolate by comparison, a shadow of its former glory. Beneath the shadow of the Fog Spire mountain range, the region has been constantly raided by barbarian tribes and hobgoblin warbands in the recent centuries.

Falora is currently at an uneasy truce with their neighbour The Empire of Raak. The two nations have been at war for several generations. An ongoing back and forth conflict with complicated origins.

The current reigning monarch is King Tidus III, an older man who relies heavily on his council and regional lords to rule. Some view this as a weakness, while others are pleased with the increased freedoms and autonomy that Tidus’ reign has brought.

The ruling council is made up of representatives from each of the major guilds of the kingdom.

• The Academia Scientia (the Iona university)
• The Tillers
• The Watchers
• The Molten Dawn
• The Faloran Army
• The Church of Immera
• The Brokers
• The Anchors Union



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